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Faur of Ognissanti Valenzano (Bari)


First November each year

In the campaign valenzanese, about a mile from the town, is the Church of All Saints, which is what remains of a monastic building of the eleventh century.

The Abbey of All Saints in fact, was founded between 1061 and 1078 by Abbot Eustasio that, along with the Benedictine monks, he fenced and reclaimed lands sterile surrounding the monastic building and arranged to give the abbey of material goods necessary to sustain the Benedictine community: olive groves, vineyards, orchards.
The agrarian possessions of the abbey, increased significantly with the passage of time, following a series of donations from wealthy landowners, to such an extent as to transform the abbey into a real economic and administrative unit, a curtis.

The abbey of Saints has played a leading role in the economic life of Valenzano, not only because it was the administrative center of a business type manorial, but also for the important exhibition of "All Saints" promoted by the curia Bari, which took place around the abbey from the fourteenth century October 31 and November 1 of each year.The abbey became a real center of attraction and called him hundreds of merchants from Terra d'Otranto, Basilicata and captains who traded leather, wool, wine, oil, wheat, cattle, cheese, spices and herbs.
The building of the monastery, already reduced in poor condition for negligence and abandonment, disappeared completely in the second half of the eighteenth century; the many merchants, not having more than one shelter to shelter from the weather, gave up to participate in the fair, which began to lose importance.

At this point the Community of Valencia sought permission all'Intendente Bari to transfer the event within the country and it was so.
The fair in honor of the feast of All Saints linked since ancient times to the tradition valenzanese, continues to be perpetuated today. And 'one of the most famous fairs in the hinterland of Bari.
Currently the show continues to take place within the country, no more than two consecutive days but only November 1 of each year, occupying via Aldo Moro, via Piave, wide Plebiscito and other main streets of the country, with the corresponding cross members.
They sell household utensils, agricultural tools, clothing, toys and various trinkets.
There is even the sale of animals that takes place on the road that connects with the Valenzano neighborhood "Le Lamie". At the fair of All Saints, Valenzano flock to hundreds of people, with their boisterous presence, make the November 1 a day for fun and lively community valenzanese.



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